Top Morro Bay Seafood Restaurants

Where to Find The Top Morro Bay Seafood Restaurants

If you visit this area, you will certainly want to be sure and visit some of the top Morro Bay seafood restaurants during your stay. Among other things, like the beautiful climate and location on the California Pacific Coast, this area is famous for great food.


The Best Morro Bay Seafood Restaurants

Often called the best the Great American Fish Company- Still and forever would be the greatest sea food found on the Central Coast!

Found on the waterfront in Morro Bay, the Great American Fish Company, (also known as GAFCo), has the largest choice of Seafood on the Morro Bay Embarcadero. Voted best seafood in SLO County over 12 years in a line, the Great American Fish Company has been a favorite among area residents as well as visitors for decades. With a casual, family oriented atmosphere, this seaside grill is skilled at pleasing any family or group! They often recognized for their exquisite mesquite broiling technique which locks in moisture and creates an unbelievable and unique flavor! The Great American Fish Company is synonymous with prime quality and is actually proud to make use of only the best and freshest ingredients in preparing their award winning dishes.

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Your choice may depends upon the type of seafood that you prefer, your location, and your budget. Here is a good selection of popular dining spots that are very close to the water where the seafood comes from. Of course, there are other types of Morro Bay restaurants beside seafood, and you might want to visit them for breakfast!

Windows On The Water

Windows On The Water is one of the top restaurants, and it is more on the other end of the dining scales. It is more of a gourmet restaurant with higher prices, so you might reserve it for a special night out with adults. Even though the prices are higher, expect good value in a great meal and fantastic service.

Additionally, guests way that the view from their tables is the best in the city. The wine list is huge and very comprehensive, and the facilities and staff can also accommodate large parties for special events and celebrations.

Rocca’s Surf Shack

This is a more moderately priced choice for Embarcadero restaurants. Not only is this a great spot to grab some delicious clam chowder, fish tacos, and fish and chips, it is also a hot spot for happy hour right near the water. It’s a fairly small place with a comfortable atmosphere that is fine for adults (during happy hour) and families.

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The Best Restaurants in Morro Bay

The Great American Fish Company offers day after day drink deals in addition to fantastic early-bird specials plus a seniors menu that is locally recognized as one whatever the best situated on the Embarcadero! Also, do not forget to join us for your favorite NFL games during football season and luxuriate in drinks and appetizers in our bar. We’ve three flat screen TV’s in your viewing pleasure.

It is impossible to say which Morro Bay seafood restaurants are the best. It really depends upon your meal budget, the atmosphere you desire, and what you want to eat.

Great American Fish Company
1185 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 772-4407